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There is an old saying that says that any place can be a called a house but only a few can be called a home. This is mainly because, in order to feel homy, you need your own creative touch that makes your house feel like part of your identity. So, in this video, we are sharing with you some amazing ways to make your home feel really cozy by filling it with amazing DIY candles
In the first video section, we show you how you can shine the flame to your cozy house by creating your own DIY candles. We show you how you can create amazing crafty candles inspired by objects around you.
- We show you how you can make your own cupcake candle using cupcake silicone forms and melted candle wax for the frosting
- We show you how to create awesome rose candles using toilet paper and then dipping it in some melted candle wax.
- In addition, we also show you how you can use a Pringles container and crayons to make your rainbow candle.
- For those of you how love pinecone decorations, we show you a cool way to repurpose a pine cone and turn it into a candle.
- If you are looking for a fun way to create paint drips on your candle, we show you how to do that by placing some crayons inside your glue gun.
- Furthermore, we also show you how you can repurpose old candles and bring them back to life.
- For those times that you would like to create your own birthday candles, we show you an easy way to do it using stencils and candle strings.
- If you have someone you love who likes carbonated drinks we show you how you can create your own using crayons and an old Fanta bottle.
- If you happen to have no candle holders to create cute decorations around your table, you can use wine glasses instead.
0:07 - Amazing DIY candles for your home
1:25 - Giant rainbow candle
4:08 - Awesome paint dripping candle
4:26 - How to repurpose old candles
6:03 - Amazing ice-cream candle
8:04 - Cool rose shapes candles
10:37 - Amazing liquid candles
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